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White Satin Charmeuse Jumpsuit & Mini Tie

White Satin Charmeuse Jumpsuit & Mini Tie

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

A few years ago, a pair of men’s rompers went viral on social media for being a commercially made “women’s” product, for men. Think razors “for her”, but made fashion… for me, clothing was never based on gender. Of course, I fell into hetero-cisnormative behaviour. I was born into a straight cis-gendered Vietnamese immigrant family. I lived in a state of ignorance for so long, sheltered both physically and mentally by my family. This look is a seamless white satin jumpsuit with a tie. It’s a commentary on society’s rules on gender, workwear and traditional wedding attire. I created my favourite silhouette of, a fitted top and wide fit bottoms. Double-lined, we were able to manipulate the fabric to create permanent stacking while keeping the fabric from rolling under your feet. Complete with a mini tie. Further sharing my dissatisfaction with “dress codes” and what “white collar” looks like.

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