White Satin Charmeuse Honeymoon Dress

White Satin Charmeuse Honeymoon Dress

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

Inspired by the feeling of tension, this “dress” was made to give the illusion that there is nothing on at all. When designing this look, I wanted to combine two kinds of tension. The tension I feel in my brain as a neuro-spicy person, and sexual tension. Idiz is one of the main people that really opened up my heart and helped me understand what it means to be a more authentic and genuine person. Their body positivity and self love, is very prevalent in this look. When I think about the tension I feel in my brain, I think about safety pins holding fabric together. When I think about sexual tension, I think about giving people a taste but not the full fantasy… This look does exactly that. The safety pins are placed on the neck, waist, and thighs to really show off that hourglass shape. Featuring a white satin bra set, giving you a taste of what you’d want to see on your wedding night… complete with a fully covered back and train, because it’s all an illusion.

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