White Satin Charmeuse Bow Corset & Oversized Pants

White Satin Charmeuse Bow Corset & Oversized Pants

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

I have always been a hopeless romantic. This design is the literal embodiment of what romance looks like to me. The idea that the person you love most is all wrapped up in a bow. It sounds like something out of a movie… maybeeeeee the Barbie movie?! Made in white satin, it all starts with a white corset that the drooped oversized pants and the bow are then hooked onto. Making each item wearable on its own. Designed to give you that illusion of something nostalgic but also so elegant, refined and beautiful. Think about playing with this as a kid. You have your Barbie doll, who as we know typically didn’t portray diversity all too well… but, you’re changing its outfits, throwing around fabrics and making bows. Bows are very typically associated with femininity and beauty. That’s cool… but let’s throw in pants that are way too big, stack and will show off your underwear. It’s a question to you as a consumer really. Do you find this cute, feminine, and desirable? If yes, does the fact that the pants show off your underwear bother you at all? Does it empower you?

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