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Ribbed Fitted Mermaid Tail Halter Dress

Ribbed Fitted Mermaid Tail Halter Dress

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

This look started with an idea. How do I give the illusion that there is almost nothing on top, but heavy on the bottom. How do I use a silhouette to trick your eye? Your eyes will naturally start at the top, and then work your way to the bottom. First you will notice the collar, creating the illusion of tension from the start. Then you move down to the chest where you will see there is minimal fabric covering her chest and back. Moving down to the hips you will see a deep side cut out. Making the dress almost exclusively show side boob. The way the dress hugs the hips is truly the only thing preventing the dress from exposing to much… that’s the line I like to blur in my designs. Originally designed to have a pleated skirt on top to give a stacked skirt illusion. This dress just hugs Joy so well, we couldn’t help but show it off.😘

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