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Braided Paracord Dress & The MIDI Skirt

Braided Paracord Dress & The MIDI Skirt

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

Something that surprises a lot of people about me, is I grew up camping. Despite my pretentious city boy look, I feel the most at peace in nature. I used to always be the one prepared for an adventure. Always carrying a Swiss Army knife, disinfectant spray, and wore a braided paracord bracelet; which could unravel into about 10 feet of rope for survival if needed. When I think about the queer coloured experience. I think about survival. A lot of people in similar situations as myself, are often forced to live in fight or flight mode. Either be authentic and face potential judgement from your families, or play a role in order to survive. The idea was simple, turn that bracelet I wore as a child into a dress. Each knot is individually hand tied and then bonded onto the vertical pieces of rope. Creating the imagery of barbed wire or a fence; representing the injustices that continue to happen to innocent members of our community. Styled with THE ICONS: MIDI SKIRT placing my label now on the front. Not only sitting perfectly in the loops, but giving off this feeling of my clothes being unattainable or guarded.

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