Black Nylon Micro Button Up & Twill Cut Out Pencil Skirt

Black Nylon Micro Button Up & Twill Cut Out Pencil Skirt

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Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

The 9-5 work schedule never made sense to me. In a society that forces people of colour to work twice as hard for the same opportunities as others… then you add being queer on top of that?… I could never… I never understood the desire to climb to corporate ladder, to impress others by working so hard on something that you likely will not get credit for. If we are thinking about a 40-hour work week. My brain automatically calculates everything in my week into time blocks. If you break down your 168-hour week and calculate your life, you will find that you only really have about 40 hours of freedom, where you aren’t in survival mode. A lot of us have been forced to adopt the idea of “creating our own table”. It’s the idea that we have to break the rules and create the lives that we want for ourselves. This look is about my dissatisfaction with the capitalist society we live in today. Why is a button-up and a pencil skirt the epitome of “feminine workwear”? Why is showing your body and wearing short clothes inappropriate for the workplace? It’s not about public decency, it’s about the hetero cis-male gaze… The underwear is bright pink, not only forcing you to gaze but referencing the Pink Triangle for Queer Visibility.

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